• January 09, 2008
    We are pleased to inform the introduction of our new service East West Express (EWX). We are able to offer faster transit times to Europe..

    The routing of this new service will be:

    Port Klang – Bremerhaven - Tilbury – Antwerp – Rotterdam – Le Havre

    The transit time from Port Klang to below destination will be:

      Bremerhaven = 18 days
      Tilbury = 20 days
      Antwerp = 22 days
      Rotterdam = 22 days
      Le Havre = 23 days

    A tradition of excellence in Reliability, Quality and Value.

    Thank You.
  • June 13, 2006
  •   New Indian Sub-Continent - U.S. East Coast service.
    As part of the ongoing efforts to improve our services, SETH Shipping Corp., is pleased to announce the launching of a new consortium serving the trade between the Indian Sub-Continent and U.S. East Coast.
    The consortium will be operated together with Shipping Corporation of India (SCI), Emirates Shipping Line (ESL) and MacAndrews Company Limited (MAC)-subject to FMC approval.
    SETH will operate three of the 8 x 2500 - 2600 TEU's vessels, SCI and ESL will
    deploy two vessels each and MAC one vessel.
    The new rotation will be as follows:

    Colombo - Tuticorin - Nhava Sheva - Mundra - Barcelona - New York - Norfolk -Charleston - Barcelona - Colombo

    The first vessel will call Colombo W/B on 24 / May / 2006.
  • June 12, 2006
    "AGX Service is SETH's response to the rapidly changing needs of our customers"
    Effective July 2006, SETH Shipping Corp. will commence its newest all water, direct Asia-Gulf Express (AGX) Service through the Port of Tampa, Florida. AGX is a weekly, fixed-day service, with rapid transit times, which will enable increased capacity, as well as the capability to connect SETH's All Water Services into the Gulf area. Nine of SETH's newest 3,000 TEU panamax container ships will be utilized for the new service. "The Central Florida Trade is exploding and the new AGX Service is SETH's response to the rapidly changing needs of our customers. The Port of Tampa's vision and cooperation as well as its recent terminal expansion with the addition of three new cranes, made our decision to upgrade SETH's existing Tampa Service, an easy one. Business as well as a great partnership can continue to grow and flourish and our customers can reap the benefits," commented Gordon Kay, SETH's Executive Vice President Marketing/Customer Service. "The decision by SETH to upgrade its service to Tampa from a feeder connection to a mainline port of call, on its new direct service from Asia, is a strong endorsement of the Port of Tampa's competitive strengths. All the elements are coming together for Tampa to emerge as an important gateway for container traffic moving to and from Florida, the Southeast US, and overseas markets." stated Tampa Port Director, Richard Wainio. The first AGX sailing will depart from Shanghai, China to Ports in Asia, Panama, the U.S. Gulf and Tampa, Florida.
    AGX Port Rotation includes the following ports of call:

    Shanghai, Ningbo, Pusan, Colon, Kingston, Tampa, Mobile, Houston, Kingston, Colon, Shanghai.
  • July 26, 2005
    SETH Shipping Corp. will launch a new Asia/South America East Coast service in mid-August through taking slots on the newly launched independent service of Compania Sud America Vapores. CSAV recently launched its new service after a joint vessel sharing agreement with CMA-CGM expired on the same route at the end of the first quarter this year. CMA-CGM now serves the trade through a vsa with China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) and Maruba. SETH will take "a limited number of slots" from CSAV starting with the first eastbound sailing from Rio de Janeiro by the 2,700 TEU geared vessel, CSAV Rio Maipo on August 12th. The Asia/South America Service, as SETH refers to it, will offer direct calls at Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Durban, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Oaranagua, Itajai, Rio Grande, Durban, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. The service is planned to run weekly with 10 ships, each around 2,700 TEU and all supplied by CSAV. .
  • July 25, 2005
    SETH Shipping Corp. has started a new service from Valencia to Lisbon and Cadiz. The first vessel starting from Valencia will be MED BREEZE Voy. 005 ETD Valencia 05 August 2005 and it will be a weekly service.
  • June 15, 2005
    PT. Layar Sentosa Shipping Corp. has conducted a LARSEN COORDINATION MEETING, which was held on 03 June to 04 June 2005 at Red Top Hotel. Branch co-ordinators anc executive from Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, Panjang, Palembang and Makassar has also come to join the meeting. Overall it was faithful discussion.
  • March 10, 2005
    GOLD STAR LINE pleased to announce a new service between the Far East and Australia ports. All cargoes from Indonesia to Australia are to be connected via Port Klang or Singapore with routing as follows:

    Port Klang -> Singapore -> Brisbane -> Sydney -> Melbourne -> Adelaide
    1 days 10 days 2 days 3 days 2 days

    The service commenced on 24 February 2005. It is a weekly service and will be deploying 4 vessels of 1700 TEU’s capacity. The new service is expected to meet the growing demand and the market needs for direct sailings between the South East and Australia ports.
  • December 29, 2004
  •   LARSEN Surabaya Newly Renovated Office
    LARSEN Surabaya Newly Renovated Office.
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  • December 29, 2004
  •   New Black Sea Direct Service (ABX)
    SETH Shipping Corp. will commence its new Black Sea direct service.
  • December 28, 2004
  •   Gulf India Express (GIS)
    Laurel Navigation Line has started its new weekly fixed day schedule service.
  • May 15, 2004
  •   Vietnam Thailand Express
    To Improve the service to the customer, GOLD STAR LINE withdraw the IBX service and commenced VTX
  • July 25, 2003
  •   AMP service–return to the Adriatic
    Seth Shipping will re-institute the direct calls of AMP in Piraeus and the Adriatic ports as of mid-September 2003.
  • June 9, 2003
  •   Family Gathering – PT. Layar Sentosa Shipping Corp. - Surabaya
    May, 31st - June, 1st 2003
    Tretes View Hotel, Tretes
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  • March 10, 2003
  •   Family Gathering – PT. Layar Sentosa Shipping Corp. - Jakarta
    March, 1st - 3rd 2003
    Green Hill (Gunung Hijau Resort), Puncak
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